Plug n’ Play and More

Tungsten Fabric is a plugin integration overachiever, never implementing the bare minimum. While Tungsten Fabric can be used standalone, it’s normally integrated through its API as a plugin to another orchestrator like Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenShift, Mesos, or VMware vSphere. Thanks for your patience while we migrate from OpenContrail to Tungsten Fabric documentation.

Need an overview or technology deep dive?


Launch TF with AWS and Kubernetes in just 15 minutes:

  • Perfect for enterprise app devs using microservices
  • Environment pre-configured
  • Option to run TF in Kubernetes with or without Helm
  • Replace kube-proxy with faster vRouter and add Service type LoadBalancer and Ingress on any infrastructure, any cloud
  • Implements NetworkPolicy and option of layered security or same security policies without developers writing Kubernetes NetworkPolicy objects, providing simpler DevOps and better infosec control and audit
  • Option of Namespace isolation and per-microservice microsegmentation with choice of TF tenants, networks or security rules
  • Additional IPAM, overlapping IP pools, floating IPs, and containers with multiple network interfaces
  • Run Kubernetes or OpenShift on OpenStack with a single—not a nested—TF control and data plane

OpenStack Neutron features:

  • Heat template automation for TF features
  • Implements LBaaS
  • Implements service chaining with VM lifecycle management and scaling
  • Neutron ML2 option

If you’re looking to get started as a TF developer, start here.

If you’re looking to get started using TF integrated with another cluster orchestrator or your own system, start here.

If you’re looking to get started using TF for data center network fabrics, start here (coming soon in v5.0.1 release).

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